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CBC drama series Pure is filming in Nova Scotia, premieres in 2017


CBC has added actress Rosie Perez to the cast of its upcoming Mennonite mob drama Pure.

The series is about a Mennonite pastor, played by Arrow actor Ryan Robbins, trying to clean up his community of drug traffickers by betraying a member of his community to the police. Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Rosie Perez has also been added to the show.

CBC Television says the American actress will play a DEA agent bent on taking down a gang leader, played by Orphan Black actor Peter Outerbridge. The six-part drama also stars AJ Buckley (CSI:NY) as a local cop and Murdoch Mysteries' Alex Paxton-Beesley.

Described as an exploration of crime and community, the new drama is created and written by Michael Amo (The Listener) and directed by Orphan Black and Vikings director, Ken Girotti.

The series is filming in Nova Scotia and will premiere on CBC TV in winter of 2017.