Membership Overview

Membership Overview

For information on what I.A.T.S.E. Local 849 does, the geographic area covered in our jurisdiction, and the departments we represent, please visit our about page.

Please review our Membership FAQs page for further details or answers to some questions. Any other questions regarding membership, requirements, or the process can be directed to our Operations and Membership Coordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry Level / Referral

If you are looking to get work in the film industry in one of the departments Local 849 represents, you can register as a Referral. A person on the Referral List is not a Member of Local 849, but when Local 849 receives requests for daily crew on a film production and cannot fill those requests from within the membership, we turn to the Referral List.

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Sister Local Status

If you are a member of another IATSE Local, you can apply for Sister Local Status with IATSE Local 849 relatively easily. Sister members are able to indicate their availability to be listed on daily hires lists and are able to be hired after full members of IATSE Local 849 are working or otherwise unavailable.

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Becoming a Member

If you meet the requirements, you may apply for membership with IATSE Local 849. Becoming a member will give you priority for hiring, access to the Local's Health Plan, RRSP Plan, Life Insurance, training opportunities, and many other benefits.

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Reinstating Membership

If you were once a member if IATSE Local 849 but are no longer, you cannot apply as a new member, but there are options for you to reinstate your membership or work in the film indsutry again.

Please contact Jake for more information.

Transferring Membership

If you are a member of another IATSE Local, you may transfer your membership to Local 849 or if you are currently a member of Local 849, you may transfer your membership to another IATSE Local.

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Leaving Active Membership

If you are currently a member of IATSE Local 849 and wish to leave active membership, you have a few otpions: take an Honorable Withdrawal, Resign, or wait to be Expelled. All options are slightly different and may work better for you depending on your specific situation.

Please contact Jake for more information.

Retiring from Membership

If you are a member of IATSE Local 849, currently In Good Standing and are over the age of 65, you can apply for retirement and still maintain your membership. Retired members cannot work and do not have a vote at meetings, but are able to participate and maintain their medical plan.

Please contact Jake for more information.


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