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Working Outside of the Maritime Provinces

Whether working in another part of Canada, the United States, or even abroad, there are a number of things to be aware of:

The Agreement You Are Working Under

You may be covered under an IATSE Local 849 agreement, but most likely you will be covered by an agreement from the jurisdiction that you will be working in. This decision is often, though not always, based on the location of the "home" production office or where the majority of production will take place. Other jurisdictions may also have multiple agreements in place; be sure to confirm which contract you are covered by, and familiarize yourself with the contract language that affects you.

Who Administers the Agreement?

If no other arrangement has been made, the contract is administered by the signatory local of that agreement. For example, if you're covered by the Local 849 Collective Agreement then we would administer the contract and would advocate on your behalf. If you're working under an agreement from another jurisdiction then the Local in that jurisdiction may represent you and administer the contract.

Your Obligations

As well as notifying the host local that you will be working in their jurisdiction, you must also abide by the rules and laws of that local. Call the Business Agent or other office staff to inform them of your presence and to ask about hiring practices and bylaws. Find the contact information for them by searching the Local Union Directory on the IATSE International website, or by going to the host local's website.

Where Your Dues Go

Working dues are a percentage of your gross wages paid to the local you are being represented by. These working dues are typically considered payment for negotiating the collective agreement on your behalf. In most cases, your working dues will be paid to the local in which you are working. Working Dues are deductible on your income tax return. If you receive a tax slip (T-4) from a payroll company (EP Canada for example) those dues are usually reported in a box. 

Fringe Rates

Fringe benefits are paid as a percentage of your wages to cover RRSP contributions and health benefits. If your benefits are being paid to the host local, the staff in that jurisdiction will have the details of the fringe rates and allocation.

Health Benefits Coverage

Your health benefits may be paid to your home local or to the local in whose jurisdiction you are working. The usual arrangement is that your benefits are submitted to the local that is signatory to the agreement you are covered by.

However, all motion picture  IATSE Locals, some stage IATSE Locals, and some DGC District Councils within Canada have signed Reciprocal Agreements allowing health benefits to flow back to a member's home local health plan. This allows you to benefit from all hours/benefits accumulated (regardless of where you work). It is important to contact the union you are being represented by to coordinate where your health benefits should go. More information can be found here:

If you feel benefits should be sent to Local 849 in your name and you don’t believe they are being sent, contact the Local 849 office to check and further action may be able to be taken.

The United States

There are currently no reciprocal agreements with locals in the US. You may be able to arrange for your employer to remit the contributions directly to this Plan under another arrangement, but we do not have a formal process.

Membership and Sister Local Status with Other IATSE Locals

Each IATSE Local has its own requirements for membership and sister status and you will have to contact the appropriate local to find out the details.


A valid passport is required for international travel so keep your passport current. Some countries have additional requirements that your passport must not expire within a specific period of your expected return date. Visit Passport Canada for more information.

Most countries have requirements for foreign workers to obtain visas in order to work within the country. As your employer, the production company will be instrumental in obtaining the appropriate documents for you. Be sure to ask what is required and provide production with the necessary personal information in a timely manner to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays or that you don't miss out on work opportunities.

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