Resume Guide

Resume Guide

Below are some tips and tricks to writing a resume for your application, as well as a template to help you get started. None of these are firm rules, just guides that you can choose to accept, or not. At the end of the day, it's your resume - it should reflect you and your experience how you see fit. 

Step by Step Guide to Writing a Basic Resume for Film

  1. Include contact information at the top of the page like Name, Phone Number, Email, Location (City, Province), Other if Applicable (Linkedin, Personal Website) 
  2. Include a list of credits from productions you’ve worked on and include Name of Production, Type of Production, Year it was Shot, Your Position, Key/Head of Department, Production Company/Studio
  3. List most recent and relevant work experience and be sure to include Company Name, Job Title, Location, Start and End Date
  4. List any Education include Name of Institution, Name of Program, Diploma, Degree or Equivalent, Year Attended
  5. List other related skills and/or certificates (Language’s, Volunteer Work, First Aid, Computer Proficiency...etc)


  • Make sure to tailor your information to the job you are applying for
  • Make sure your resume looks good printed on a standard printer in black and white
  • Don’t make the font too small
  • All work experience, affiliations, volunteer work should be relevant and most recent
  • When applying to be a full member or referral with IATSE Local 849, professional summaries are not required
  • If you choose to write a summary, keep it short, simple, and to the point
  • DO NOT add a photo of yourself unless asked for in application or you are applying for an acting role 
  • DO NOT add personal information that does not pertain to the job
  • You DO NOT need to list your Highschool Diploma if you have any other post-secondary
  • Make sure the resume format is easy to follow and in an understandable order
  • Order your experience from newest to oldest
  • Your email should be either your name or professional
  • A resume should not be more than two pages (one page double-sided) unless you have the credits/experience to warrant it
  • Have someone proofread for any missed mistakes
  • Always send a PDF of a resume - unless it is specifically requested, do not send a Word or Pages document
  • Check to see that your resume looks the same when exported as a PDF and a line didn’t get bumped to the next page
  • Name the PDF something clear and simple, for example - your-name_resume_date.pdf
  • Attach a cover letter and references only when asked - for the purposes of a referral, sister status, or membership application, cover letters are not needed. 
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